An external e-commerce consultant is an important element for improving processes, designing a new architecture, auditing the digital footprint or for understanding the work and the relationship between the agency and the client. My partners mainly include medium-sized and large online projects, which have often already hit the limits of the given market and need to move forward. They are aware of the current position, they are aware of where their brand is going and they think out of the box. In cooperation, we do not solve superficial CPC, but the possibilities of scaling the brand and product.


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E-commerce acceleration

Entering the market, possibly refresh/rebranding/redesign and kicking off digital.

E-commerce optimization

Optimization of e-commerce processes, proper execution of advertising channels.

E-commerce audit

An audit of the current digital footprint and a comprehensive document with recommendations.

Marketing strategy

A comprehensive marketing strategy for you or your external agency.


Long-term stable cooperation is the basis of success and satisfaction on both sides.

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